Demossing thatched roofs

How long your thatched roof will remain in good condition depends largely on how well it is maintained. Many roofs show signs of algae or moss growth after a number of years. If you should notice this then we would advise demossing.

Demossing thatched roofs. Why?

It is extremely important that your thatched roof remain dry. Whenever there is a build up of algae or moss this can have a negative effect on the dryness of the reed. That is why we emphasise the importance of demossing your thatched roof. Demossing of your thatched roof cannot be done with chemical agents; the demossing must be done by hand.

Demossing thatched roofs increases their longevity

A small investment in preventive maintenance by demossing your thatched roof will add considerably to the longevity of your thatched roof (up to 15 years longer). The advantages of demossing your roof far outweigh the costs of extra maintenance and longevity. Your thatched roof will also look so much better! So don’t hesitate if you see signs of moss or algae.

First signs of moss or algae

The first signs of algae or moss on your thatched roof are often an indication that your roof is retaining too much water for too long. Mushroom growth is also a sign of this. If your thatched roof shows significant signs of mossing, then it’s time for demossing. This can be done using a ‘beater’.

If your thatched roof is already significantly damaged, then it is best to remove a layer of thatch from the roof. Our thatchers have to be very careful when doing this, so as to remove the least amount of reed possible. When we demoss your roof or remove a layer of thatch, the roof can dry out, which immediately stops the process of deterioration.

Our experience with demossing thatched roofs

The repair or demossing of a thatched roof requires special skills. Down through the years, our thatchers have worked on all kinds of roofs and have the experience necessary to ensure that your thatched roof can be restored as new.


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