Thatched roofs – How we work

Our first step usually involves an intensive round of information-gathering, advice and consultation with you, our client. After all, you have given us the responsibility of realising your dream, so it goes without saying that your own wishes are of paramount importance.

In the case of renovation work, this starts with the dismantling of the existing roof. Our thatchers go about their work in a neat and structured manner and also take care of the removal of all the old roofing materials. Your premises will be left in pristine condition.

The next step is the construction of the new thatched roof, and whatever woodwork that may be required. We have one key word when it comes to thatching: Quality!

Top quality materials
That means always working with top quality materials (i.e. the best reed available). Though such reed is not always easy to find, we always maintain our high standards and make sure that we find the best quality reed for you through our large network of suppliers.

Just as important, in terms of quality, is the thickness of the thatching. We use a standard thickness of 35cm for our thatching. In addition to giving a high quality finished look, this thickness has two important advantages:

  • Much better insulation
  • Increased longevity (at least 40 to 50 years)


Standard 35cm thick

High quality reed

Clean delivery of your yardf


Thatsching Firm Ooms applies high quality at a competitive price. Do you want to know what a thached roof costs?

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